Friendo 4; advanced review. Won’t someone give Leo a hug?

Friendo #4- Won’t someone give Leo a hug?

Written – Alex Paknadel

Illustrations – Martin Simmonds

Colours – Dee Cunnife

Letters- Taylor Esposito

Publisher- Vault Comics

Friendo returns for its fourth and penultimate issue and it doesn’t let up. From start to end every issue of Friendo reaches out and grabs the reader in its disturbing and strong grasp. It is shaking us awake; awake to the hold that big corp has on us, awake to the obsessions with technology and awake to the dissonance between what is portrayed online and what is real.

Hard hitting truths

I adore Friendo and Alex Paknadel, he is an incredibly skilled writer, 2019 is going to be an incredible year for him and I am honoured he let’s us rag tag bunch of nerds tag along with him. His creation of Friendo is not only beyond the realms of what I had even thought possible but so incredibly poignant! He implores us to sit up and take notice, you can’t ignore Friendo and why would you want to?

In this issue things are really starting to get worse, I hadn’t thought things could get much worse for poor Leo but here we are, seriously someone just give that guy a hug! Jerry is surprisingly and rather creepily well behaved in this issue, he looks out for Leo, out of the goodness of his heart? I doubt it, but I am interested to see where Jerry’s ‘kindness’ is leading to, he wouldn’t be himself without Leo after all.

But that’s the root of it all isn’t it, the Friendo team are asking us without our tech what do we have left?

Zajiček the Cremator

The Cremator still delights me immensely, everything about his character design and personality is a treat. He is the big, serious fly in Leo and Jerry’s ointment, however his reputation for being the man to get the job done may be about to be tarnished and I don’t imagine him being too pleased about that.

Everything about Friendo is impeccably curated from the storytelling, to Martin Simmond’s incredible art, Dee Cuniffe’s bold and brash colours and Taylor Esposito’s spot on lettering. All of the elements come together with perfect synergy, we can see Leo and Jerry coming apart at the seams as their Sid and Nancy meets Robin Hood tour of the country starts to take its toll.

Final thoughts

Friendo is a terrifying look at a version of the future that is not only neon tinted, hyper bloody but, and this is the scariest part, a future that could be a reality at some point. Comics’s through out the ages have served to illustrate and bring social topics to the forefront and Friendo is no different, so sit up and take some damn notice!

Issue 4 is out 13th February so get it added to your pull this NCBD! If you are yet to get stuck into this incredible series you can check out our reviews of the earlier issues here and here.

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