Valks Podcast ep 3- interview with Kev Cuffe and Bob Frantz of Metalshark Bro

The Valkyries Podcast episode 3- Metalshark Bro creators Kev Cuffe and Bob Frantz

Metalshark Bro volume 2

Metalshark Bro is one of my all-time favourite comic book series. Before the first read of vol 1, I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I reached the end I just started it all over again. In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect from Metalshark Bro but it wasn’t to utterly adore it.

Meet the team

Kev Cuffe- Kev has been working in comics since 2014. His works include Oathbound, The Elvis Adventures, Full Moon Fredo and Chase The Moon. Kev, alongside creating comics is an all-round good dude. His favourite Metalshark Bro character is Ira

Bob Frantz- Bobby has been self-publishing comics since 2008 with the release od 41. In 2014 he released Monty the Dinosaur. Later working with Kev on The Elvis Adventures and Full Moon Fredo. Bobby has some of the most excellent hair we’ve seen in a while and his favourite Metalshark Bro character is Metalshark!

Walter Ostlie- A creator, writer, and artist. He created Haxor, Shiver Bureau and Cubicles. Both Shiver and Haxor are currently being published through major channels. He has also worked on Is’nana, Small Favor, Alter-Life, and Descension. 

Chas! Pangburn- Chas has a Creative Writing Masters MFA with a focus on comic scripting. The boys have nothing but the highest praise for Chas and quote him as keeping them on the right track.

We chatted with Metalshark bro creators Kev and Bobby!

metalshark bro tshirt design metal fire skulls

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