The Valkyries Podcast Ep 2: Interview with Emma Vieceli

The Valkyries Podcast Episode 2: Interview with Emma Vieceli

On this episode of the Valkyries podcast, we chat with accomplished illustrator and writer Emma Vieceli.

Emma is well known for her work on the Life is Strange comic. Which features fan- favourites Max and Chloe. The series picks up after the events of the games, torn between universes, can a splintered Max reckon with the sins of Arcadia past… and is there any future for Max and Chloe when time itself is against them?


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Emma Vieceli and Breaks

Breaks is a powerful independent comic, telling an LGBTQ+ story interwoven through a violent and dramatic mystery. You will be kept second guessing the whole way through. 

Breaks started out life as a web comic and has ran for free online for six years, yep SIX YEARS. Which is frankly incredible. Breaks vol 1 is published through Soaring Penguin Press and was an outstanding success.

Breaks is set in a sixth form college and follows a group of teenagers as they try to navigate their way around social issues, bullying and their own feelings! As well as everything that being in college has to throw at them! In addition to being a wonderfully written comic, Breaks is visually very engaging. 



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Breaks is back

Breaks vol 2 is currently running on kickstarter and just hit a stretch goal! Do not hesitate to support Breaks Vol 2 on Kickstarter, not only will you get to support a rad bunch of creators but you’ll also get an incredible comic and some cool stretch goal goodies! 

Thanks again for Emma for taking the time to chat with us and we look forward to seeing you at Thought Bubble later this year.


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