Nightmare- Comic review

Nightmare Review

Writer: Malissa White

Pencils: Benjamin Worrell

Colours: Raciel Avila Silva

Inks: Brett Ruppert

Letters: CJ Jeffrey

Publisher: Velvet Sister Comics

Sweet dreams are made of this…

Nightmare is the haunting tale of Luz, a radio DJ, who is fighting her demons past and present after being part of a mysterious scientific experiment…

From page one, Nightmare creates an atmosphere heavy with suspense and a lingering sense of disquiet. After Luz awakes from a deliciously terrifying nightmare, we meet her girlfriend and learn a little about Luz’s traumatic past (we love a healthy and caring WLW relationship) before she heads to work. Carefully and wonderfully crafted workplace patter is interrupted with a rogue caller on the radio show, forcing Luz to confront her difficult past in her very real, live-on-air, present. Luz leaves work hastily, but her walk home takes a turn for the worst, with Luz winding up in hospital as well as treating us to an eerie insight into the tumult and trauma of Luz’s checkered past. In what looks like the lead up to a happier ending, I very much enjoyed having the rug snatched from under me…


A Nightmare dressed like a daydream

Nightmare is a visual feast from its dynamic panelling to its urban chiaroscuro. With my not-so-secret soft-spot for a gritty female lead and decades long crush on Cassie Hack;  it was really a surprise to no-one that I fell a little head-over-heels with our protagonist. Her healthy, caring relationship with  girlfriend Kara gives us subtle and natural representation that is to be admired in its simplicity and honesty. Nightmare is a horror/thriller comic in the best way it can be; with whiplash-inducing twists and turns. With illustrations that Fangoria would be proud of, and most importantly, a host of real-world demons for Luz to battle. If you love kick-ass ladies and terror, Nightmare is certainly for you…just don’t go to sleep…


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