The Witcher Fading Memories

The Witcher Fading Memories

Story- Bartosz Sztybor

Art- Amad Mir

Colours- Hamidreaza Sheykh

Letters- Steve Dutro

Cover- Evan Cagle

Cariant- Jeremey Wilson

Published- Dark Horse Comics

The Witcher Fading Memories issue 1

Fading Memories is beautiful from cover to cover.

The threat of monsters has seemingly vanished, Geralt wanders lost and dejected. What good is a Witcher with no monsters to slay? Geralt meets a local fisherman who requests help with the daily catch. Geralt agrees and an unlikely friendship is struck, two men lost, both feeling as though they are fading away.

A request comes in from the Mayoress of a small neighbouring village. Geralt agrees to deal with their monster problem, though things are certainly not as they seem.

There is something haunting and sad throughout this issue. This is not the action-filled escapades of Geralt with Dandelion at his side. This is a tale about evaluation, about a dying breed.

Visually stunning

The issue is beautifully narrated throughout by handwritten notes lamenting a better time and what turns out to be the final words of a dying man. Someone is unable to move with the stream. The narration along with the muted colour helps to set the tone of this issue. It may be sombre, but no less engaging, violent and brutal.

I liked the art style as a whole, particularly the panels with the mermaids. The simplistic style lends perfectly with the story, it is like a story being retold or a memory being recalled.


Overall Fading Memories Issue 1 is a really interesting and intriguing first issue. It left me wanting to read more, whilst delivering an emotional gut punch. It is perfect for fans of The Witcher, particularly the Netflix adaptation and Hellboy. 

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