Thought Bubble 2018 Round up and Reviews

Thought Bubble 2018; Round up and Review

What is Thought Bubble?

Thought Bubble Festival is an annual celebration of comic art in all its forms. This year was the 12th year of Thought Bubble and it took place over a full week with many all across Leeds City Centre.

The main comic con took place Saturday and Sunday and featured an incredible line up of artists and writers. Over 400 tables showcased the best in comic art, retailers, artists, print makers, creators and publishers.

This was my first time at Thought Bubble and it was incredible, I’ll take you through the festival in the order I went through and tell you a bit about my pick ups from the day! Okay so going through Thought Bubble marquee by marquee, we kick off the fun with the ‘Orginals Marquee’


Originals was home to a whole host of incredible talent including: Bengal, Emma Vieceli, Jed McPherson and housed the good folk at Comichaus and Boudika Comics.

Pick ups from Originals;


32 Kills- Comichaus;

Mike Garley– Writer, Co Creator

Andy Clift– Artist, Co Creator

Nathan Ashworth– Colours

Mike Stock– Letters

Darick Robertson– Cover Artist

32 Kills is explosive. With barely any dialogue, 32 Kills keeps the narrative flowing with high octane action that is guaranteed to get the pulse racing. 

Mike and Andy have weaved a fascinating tale that I look forward to discovering more about the central character and what has lead to the events that unfold in this edition.

32 Kills is a fantastic piece of work, it flows like an ocean from panel to panel, it is so good it even has The Valkyries seal of approval!

Lizard Men #1- Comichaus

Steven Horry– Writer, Cover Art and Design

Catia Fantini– Artist

Ken Reynolds– Letterer

Mira Manga– Editor

Lizard Men #1 is very intriguing commentary on the state of British politics. Steven has crafted an interesting and complex narrative that is full of twist and turns.

Catia certainly has a distinctive and fantastic art style that I am eager to see more of.

Ask for mercy

Ask for mercy housed a big bunch of my favorite guys, Ryan O’Sullivan, Dave Cook, Dan Watters and Ram V amongst so many talented artists and creators.

Pick ups from Ask for Mercy:

Friendo –Vault

Fearscape- Vault

Deep Roots- Vault

Sandman Universe- Vertigo

Killtopia- BHP

Friendo- Vault Comics

Alex Paknadel– Writer

Martin Simmonds– Illustrator

Dee Cunniffe– Colours

Taylor Esposito– Letters

I’m not even sure what to say about Friendo #1. It is a roller coaster from the get go. The colours and the illustrations are a feast, they’re vibrant, sophisticated and incredibly engaging.

Pakandel, has crafted an intriguing and original story that draws you in and keeps you right on the edge!

Deep Roots- Vault

Dan Watters– Writer

Triona Farrell– Colours

Val Rodrigues– Art

Aditya Bidikar– Letters

Visually, Deep Roots is outstanding, the combination of colours and Rodrigues’ artstyle are perfectly paired. Deep Roots is a complex tale with a strong heart, this is without a doubt a series to keep an eye on.

Deep Roots has a really important tale to tell and speaks of something primitive and otherworldly, Deep Roots is a triumph.

Sandman- Vertigo Comics

Creators; Simon Spurrier, Nalo Hopkinson, Kat Howard, Dan Watters, Bilquis Everly, Dominke “Domo” Stanton, Tom Fowler, Max Fiumara, Sebastian Fiumara and Mat Lopes.

This is my first ever foray into the Sandman Universe, shameful I know but I am eager to read more!

The art styles are excellent they blend with the narrative seamlessly. I will be following on with this series and especially the Lucifer series! Dan Waters is an incredible talent and I’ve no doubt he will do some incredible things with our favourite fallen angel.

Killtopia- BHP Comics

Dave Cook- Writer

Craig Paton- Art

Robin Jones- Letters

Ludwig Olimba– Flats

Killtopia was one of the must have pick ups for me. Having spoken to Dave on Twitter and getting an advanced copy to read over I knew this would be a series I’d support right the way through.

Killtopia is a technicoloured bounty hunting, robot killing fever dream and I am in love. Craig’s art is exceptional the characters are details and impeccable well designed. I <3 Stiletto!!!

Fearscape- Vault

Ryan O’Sullivan- Writer

Andrea Mutti- Illustrator

Vladimir Popov- Colourist

Fearscape is another title I couldn’t leave Thought Bubble without. Ryan has poured his heart into Fearscape and you can tell.

It is beautifully illustrated, in a style that conjures up a really classic imagery for me. It reminds me of tales of knights and round tables. Fearscape is a comic that’ll be around for many issues to come!


The biggest of all the tents was full to the brim with true powerhouses of talent! Including Kieron Gillen, Jaime McKelvie, Christian Ward and Leslie Hung. Amongst these we’re some of my absolute favourite comics folks; Joey Oliveria, Arhie Dait and Jamie Me!

Pick ups from Comixology;

Crowded 1 & 2- Image Comics

Ani Wild

Start Again

Blood Moon

The Spider Kid- IDW

Crowded 1 & 2- Image Comics

Christopher Sebela– Script and Design

Ro Stein– Pencils

Ted Brandt– Inks

Triona Tarrell– Colours

Cardinal Rae– Letters

Juliette Capra– Edits

Dylan Todd– Logo

Crowded is certainly making waves, publicly praise by mega babe Rebel Wilson, it is easy to see why it is gaining such recognition.

The characters are engaging and you can’t help but love the, especially Vita (and Dog). Sebela has created a fascinating worl in Crowded, we can see the commentary on societies obsession with technology.

Crowded raises an interesting moral debate, how much is a human life worth? How much cash would it take for you to take a human life?

Blood Moon

P M Buchan

John Pearson

Aditya Bidikar

Blood Moon is an absolute work of art, each image on each page should be pride of place in a gallery. The artwork is a whole nother level and it is visually astounding.

The art and colour palette used lends itself perfectly with the narrative, it is harsh, eerie and unrelenting. I need more now. Please.

Ani Wild

Archie Dait- Creator and Writer

P.S. Brooks– Art

Jamie Me– Edits and letters

Ani Wild is beautiful. Archie has brought to life a story and world full of wonder and imagination. I loved reading Ani Wild with my step kid, he loves animals and comics so the combination of the two was ideal!

Ani Wild is a bright and caring girl and she is the kind of leading lady you would love your child to look up to.  look forward to more of Archie’s engaging and loveable stories. 

Start Again

Jamie Me- Creator, Writer, letterer

Toni Doya- Artist

Sean Callahan- Colourist

Archie Dait- Editor

Start Again is refreshing and enticing. The narrator is a really likeable guide and I was drawn into ‘The Jump’s’ world instantly. Start Again is an ordinary tale featuring extraordinary characters.It is a really relatable tale dealing with themes such as anxiety, relationships and self worth.

I love the way Jamie writers and the world’s he creates, you can’t help but be hooked. I look forward to seeing what happens next after the bombshell of a cliffhanger ending of Vol #1.

The Spider King- IDW

Josh Vann– Writer

Simone D’armini– Illustrator

Adrian Bloch– Colours

Vic Shaw– Letters

The Spider King is a wholly unique experience, lik the mashing together of two elements that shouldn’t work, but like chilli and chocolate it just does and it does in a massive way!

I am in love with Simone’s art style it is bold, detailed and a really strong example of an artist excelling at this craft.

I picked up The Spider King after chatting with Josh and Simone and I am immensely glad that I did.

A meeting with the ones who started it all

I’d not expected to be able to meet the two creators responsible for my all time #1 series, The Wicked and The Divine. But, timing allowed and we were in the right place at the right time.

Meeting Jaime and Kieron was a truly special and humbling experience they were welcoming and genuine, chatting and engaging with all the fans.

WicDiv is the series that brought me into comics as an adult. I’d never been able to find my place amongst the Iron Men or the Caped Crusaders, but suddenly here I was with a series that captivated me from the cover alone.

For me WicDiv is a place for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider or like they do not belong and for that I am grateful.

Without Kieron, Jamie, Luci and Persephone, there is a good chance you wouldn’t have The Valks. So thanks lads. <3

Final Thoughts

Thought Bubble was an incredible experience that I shall be attending every year from here out. There were thousands of people in attendance over the week and weekend’s events and at no point did the marquees feel claustrophobic or overcrowded. Queuing is par for the course at events such as these, however they were all incredibly well managed. The sheer volume of Thought Bubble team members were incredible they were like a well oiled machine.

Thank you to everyone involved!

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