Time for a staycation!

It’s STAYCATION time! 

Video Games, novels, comics and movies are a great form of escapism. They have the power to whisk us off to incredible far-away lands filled with new adventures, new sights to be seen and new people to meet from all walks of life.

Throughout this article I am going to explore a few locations that have stuck with me as places that would be amazing for a quick vacation, and explore some places we should probably AVOID.

So let’s jump right in.

Opulent and full of wine!

My number 1 place to visit comes straight from my number 1 favourite game, ‘The Witcher 3‘, and it is the opulent, sun-drenched lands of Toussaint.  Toussaint is featured in the DLC ‘Blood and Wine‘, and if we ignore the minor issue of the vampires and man eating plants it is the perfect place to live!

The cities are opulent, the countryside is lush and the lakes are crystal clear! It would be the ideal location for a spot of shopping in Beauclair, going for a hike in the countryside or taking in the vineyards at Castel Ravello.


As well as a pretty intense vampire issue- Toussaint is renowned for it’s wine production and for our beloved hero Geralt, Toussaint is the perfect place to finally hang up the swords and relax.


An Island.. for monkeys?!

Next on our ‘Around The Universe’ tour is a bit of island hopping with our hosts Elaine and Guybrush…. That’s right, we are off to the Caribbean and Monkey Island, and for starters we are off to Melee Island. Melee Island is the perfect island for thrill seekers, it has treasure hunts, great hiking trails, a circus and even a place to hone your sword skills! Be warned: if you get too rowdy at the Scumm bar you can and will be thrown into jail!


If you are looking for something a little more relaxing then Plunder Island is the one for you! Plunder Island is a community of ex-pirates seeking out retirement and relaxation. There are some lovely beaches, a neat fort, a lovely cabana where you can get nice towels for the beach and even a great barber shop where you can get the freshest new hair cut!


If you are looking for something spookier then our next island has got you covered and that is the beautifully named Blood Island! You can visit the volcano, there is a lovely hotel you can stay in and even a cannibal village if that is your kind of thing. Oh and not forgetting of course the creepy cemetery complete with crypt. Perfect for if you need to fake your own death!

Blood_IslandA small town with a BIG personality!

Taking a turn away from the games we dive into the realm of television and head over to one of the most famous towns in America, Stars Hollow.


If you are a coffee junkie like myself your first stop is going to be the famous Luke’s Diner!! It is the quintessential nice small town in America, everyone knows their neighbours and some have lived there for generations. Along with the small town come all the strange things that small towns seem to love, like ‘The End of Summer Madness Festival’, the annual ‘Stars Hollow picnic basket auction’, ‘the winter carnival’ and of course the ‘Spring Fling festival’. I mean, who doesn’t love giant hay mazes?!


Now we’ve looked at some nice holiday destinations, let’s look at some places you really do not want to end up at! Even if you do make it home then you would definitely be needing to ask for your money back!

Do not enter

First stop is a biggy: Raccoon City. Raccoon City is featured throughout the ‘Resident Evil‘ series and is based upon a high-tech mid-western US City. Raccoon city is dominated by Umbrella Corp and around 50% of the population are employed by them. After the outbreak of the virus, Raccoon City had suffered massively and been destroyed many many times. In Resident Evil 3 a single missile was launched and destroys the entire City. In Resident Evil: Outbreak we see MORE missiles hit causing massive craters. Someone is a real fan of trying to level Raccoon City.


If you do manage to visit Raccoon City when isn’t on fire you could visit Emily’s Diner, a charming greasy spoon or Kendo’s Gun shop, ideal for stocking up your arsenal! Looking for something to keep the kids entertained whilst in Raccoon City? Then head over to Raccoon City Zoo where you can see the beloved mascot,  Mr Raccoon himself!


It might sound quiet and nice.. buttt

Okay so if Raccoon City isn’t for you then our next place will have you running for the hills! Next up we’re off to Silent Hills!


Silent Hill is a foggy, deserted town full of weird. Not only is it full of creepy mist but there is an extremist doomsday cult roaming around. If you’re still trying to make the best of a bad situation there is an amusement park you could visit because nothing says massive amounts of fun like an abandoned theme park full of monsters!


Silent Hill is located in Maine, USA so do yourself a favor, if you were to find yourself driving by looking for a place to stop for an ice cream and a stroll round a nice town, then drive on by and head to Portland or something instead!

Time for camping?

Silent Hill STILL not horrible enough for you? Then the next and final stop should be the one, we are heading to the delightful.. Camp Crystal Lake!


Camp Crystal Lake is located in New Jersey and was opened in 1935 by the Christy family. It features all the wonderful elements a good camp should have like a big lake to swim and learn to sail in, loads of forests to go and have a wander in and explore! It is the perfect setting to wile away the summer with your friends, learn some skills and to maybe even meet that special someone for a summer holiday fling?


One small thing that is probably worth mentioning though, is that you are not likely to be the ONLY one soaking up the rays and splashing around in the lake… Crystal Lake is also home to notorious serial killer Jason Vorhees. But assuming you can run fast and you haven’t given in to any of those pesky urges you’ll probably make it! Unless of course you’re actually face to face with the REAL JASON where you should probably just run and hope for the best. I mean he even made it into space so I am not sure you’ll be getting back home from that particular vacation..

If you could go to any land, any world that has been dreamt into existence where would you choose? Send us your answers on a postcard!

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