The top 5 Video games of 2018 as chosen by The Valkyries

2018’s top Video Games as decided by The Valkyries

The Valkyries girls have played some incredible video games this year and we have put together our top 5 Video Games of 2018 that we are sure you will love too!


Initial release date: 23 October 2018

Developer: Insomniac Games

Mode(s): Single-player
Rating: 16
Platform: PS4
Genre: Action adventure, Super Hero

Spider-Man was a huge hit, combine the incredible visuals with an intuitive movement system and you have a truly special title. Insomnia created something that is steeped in emotion and full of heart. I picked up Spider-Man on a whim and boy am I glad, I relished getting to know Peter Parker, Miles Morales and seeing MJ being a total badass!

One of the Valkyries, Vicki, is right at the forefront of the Spider-Man love and you can check out her article on Spider-Man here and her thoughts on the first DLC here.

I think you will all agree, that Spider-Man is fully deserving of being in our top 5 Video Games of 2018.

Spider-Man playstation 4 ps4 video game cat women and peter parker

Red Dead Redemption 2

Initial Release date: 26th October 2018

Developer: Rockstar

Mode(s): Single- player and multiplayer

Rating: 18

Platform: PS4, Xbox 1

Genres: Open World Action Adventure, Western

Red Dead Redemption 2 came rocketing to life in October this year and everyone went crazy for it and rightly so! RDR2 was hotly the favourite for this year’s top spot as Game of the Year and although it did not claim that top spot, Rockstar and the developers did not come home empty handed! They took the gold for best narrative, best audio, best soundtrack, and best performance!

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a journey packed with so many incredible moments; from the quiet solitary hunts through the wilderness, the sense of family and belonging at the camps and the adrenaline-fuelled gunfights, train robberies and bar brawls. Red Dead Redemption 2 has really earned their spot in many of this year’s video game roundup.

Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption 2 playstation 4 xbox game

God of war

Initial release: 20th April 2018

Developer: Santa Monica Studios

Mode(s): Singe-player

Rating: 18

Platform: PS4

Genre: Action Adventure, Puzzles


God of War was a delight to play through, horrendously frustrating at times, but a delight. One thing I enjoyed was how mature the game felt, it did not hold your hand there was no ‘Witcher/ Survivor Senses’ no talking prompts, no little tinkly noises indicating you are near treasure. It told you where you should go next and let you figure out the way there! That, I really enjoyed! 

Not only did God of War end up in our top 5 video games of this year BUT it took home the coveted top spot in the video game awards to be crowned Game of the year 2018.


God Of War Santa Monica


Far Cry 5

Initial Release: 27th March 2018

Developers: Ubisoft

Mode(s): First person adventure

Rating: 18

Platforms: PS4, Xbox 1 an PC

Genre: Action adventure, Shooter

Far Cry 5 takes a breather from lush jungles and tropical paradises and is set in breathtaking Montana, USA. The decision to base this title in the rural USA was originally met with some concerns, there is a brilliant piece on that here. I, however, felt the landscape is a pleasure to explore and the world is full of well fleshed out characters.

Far Cry 5 is very formulaic in its execution, there are a lot of similarities between its predecessors however it does bring a few new elements to the table. The enemy, Joesph Seed is the enigmatic leader of a cult who preaches about the imminent destruction of the world, was a fantastic enemy and one of my favourites.

Far cry 5 ubisoft front cover last supper joseph brother cult american cult

A Way Out

Initial Release: 23rd March 2018

Developers: Hazelight Studios

Mode(s): Co-operative third person

Rating: 17+

Platform: PS4, Xbox 1 and PC

Genre: adventure

A Way Out was brought into the spotlight for many after one of the creators, Josef Fares, went on a bit of a bizarre rant at the game awards 2017. (See more of that here)

However, A Way Out is absolutely phenomenal! Not only is A Way Out co-op BUT it is online AND local co-op! I love love love couch co-op, I love playing games with my friends but over the last few years it has been something that has not been a possibility. A Way Out was a masterpiece, I found myself seriously rooting for the boys and was devastated at the end.

Another amazing thing is only one of your co-op needs to own the title in order for you both to play, which is a beautiful thing.

A way out co op game crime game prison break

2018 has been an incredible year for video games and for The Valkyries, we have loved every moment of playing these games and sharing our thoughts with you all.

Let us know which video games are your top 5 of 2018!

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3 thoughts on “The top 5 Video games of 2018 as chosen by The Valkyries

  1. I’m perennially two years behind in the gaming world, but very much enjoyed playing LITTLE NIGHTMARES this year (the final part of it’s DLC was released in February so it kinda counts as a 2018 game, right?)

    1. Absolutely we will totally allow it! I was going to call Ritual my horror of 2018 cause that is when it went on amazon but turns out it was 2017!

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