Underwater, 2020, Film Review


Director: William Eubank 

Starring: Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel

UK Release date: February 2020 

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Creature

Our Rating: ★★★1/2

Underwater and under pressure 

A crew of researchers working on a deep-sea drilling facility deep in the Mariana Trench, must race to the surface after an underwater earthquake devastates the facility. But was this just an earthquake? Or is there something else with them at the bottom of the ocean. 

Underwater is another level of claustrophobic, tight squeezes, the odds hugely stacked against the team and time, and oxygen, is running out. There something innately terrifying about being trapped underwater. There is still so much that has not been discovered, and the depths these characters are at is terrifying enough. Let alone the fact the bottom of the ocean is obviously crawling with the awful creatures from legends and years gone by.

Impressive visuals

The cinematography is brilliant even if the plot is not quite watertight, but overall Underwater is a really solid watch. In particular the design of the diving suits, they look fantastic and would be brilliant for a Gears of War movie or scaled up for Warhammer. We don’t see huge amounts of the facility before it’s thrown into turmoil, but of what we do see it is very tactile and believable. 

underwater dive suits, kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel certainly shine through as the lead characters and they are engaging enough to keep you invested in the team surviving. However, we aren’t really here for character development, are we? We are here for the creatures and the claustrophobia. 

Creature feature

Feeling in parts reminiscent of films like Alien, Underwater doesn’t bring us anything new. It does, however, expand in an already terrifying concept and bring some fresh ideas. However, this a creature feature. We don’t like to drop spoilers at Valks HQ. So we won’t be going into much detail on the creatures, but they skitter, they’re savage and the big reveal? Well, it’s damn impressive.

underwater 2020

Underwater is a grim premise, you are trapped however many awful miles below the surface and you have to make a deadly journey to get to safety, that alone? Awful. Films like this and 47 meters down, handle this oppressive pressure really well.

Underwater is a great film to just get lost into, grab snacks, a beverage, and put your feet up. Enjoy as the claustrophobic sense of dread washes over you.

Ideal for fans of Alien, As Above So Below and The Descent

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