Vagrant Queen Episode 1 Review

Vagrant Queen Episode 1

As huge fans of both the original Vagrant Queen comic and Tim Rozon, one of the leads, we were eager to check out the first episode of the show! It premiered in the UK in April on SYFY UK. My initial impression? Very positive! 

Light-hearted and really fun

Straight out of the gate we are getting the gist of the tone. It is light-hearted, fun antics in space, with a huge dollop of heart and charm. The characters are like a family, a strange mix they might not always see eye to eye and might occasionally shoot one another. But right now, they’ve got to have each other’s back.

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Vagrant Queen, the story so far

Episode one of Vagrant Queen had a big job to do in laying down exposition, introducing leads Elida, Isaac, Amae, and our bad guy Lazaro. We learn enough about Elida to understand her motivations, her past, and why she has been on the run. Instantly we sympathize with her, she lost everything, her home, her lifestyle, and her mother… or so she thought. More snippets of her past are revealed through interactions with Isaac, it sounds like they’ve certainly got an interesting past! 

Hugely positive representation

What Vagrant Queen has in spades alongside charm, is positive representation. Too often we get sci-fi stories about, let’s face it, pretty mediocre white men who are pretty unqualified to lead a team across the universe. How this tide is turning, here we’ve got female lead characters and female POC leads no less. There are so many layers to Elidas characters and Aidryan’s portrayal of her, she is not shoehorned into a stereotypical character. 

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The casting choices for the series are absolutely spot on. Their characters feel like they’ve been lifted from the pages of the comic. Real care and consideration has gone into the casting of these characters. Tim Rozon is perfectly cast as Isaac, we chatted with I’m ahead of the series release in an exclusive interview.

Fans of the comic will find the show to be faithful in its design and tone. Vagrant Queen Episode 1 really sets up the world in a way that is accessible to all. 

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