Vault Comics; our top 4 titles of 2018 and a new discovery

Vault Comics, our top 4 comic picks of 2018 and a bonus new discovery!

Earlier this year I discovered an indie comic publisher by the name of Vault Comics and I have been utterly hooked since then. The quality of the writing, the art and the comics being published through Vault is nothing short of exceptional. The stories coming through are innovative and full to the brim with heart and charm. If you follow The Valkyries on Twitter none of this will come as a surprise, we love Vault!

So, let’s get stuck in to our top 4 of 2018

Now these are in no particular order, I couldn’t possibly choose between all the lovely folks!


Writer- Alex Paknadel

Illustrator- Martin Simmonds

Colours- Dee Cunnifee

Letters- Taylor Esposito

Friendo is an incredibly important work of fiction, Paknadel has brought ugly parts of humanity and socitey right to the forefront of the issue and forces the readers to take a good look. It’s a social commentary we all need to be discussing. The world himself and the Friendo gang have created is unlike any other. You can check out our spoiler free previews on Friendo issue 1, issue 2 and issue 3.

Friendo front cover orange background words friendo image of a man wearing rabbit ears


Writer- Vita Ayala

Illustrator- Lisa Sterle

Colourist- Stelladia

Letterer- Rachel Deering

Submerged was going to be on this top four of 2018 before I even had the chance to read it! The artwork and colours by Lisa Sterle and Stelladia had me hooked. I know they say you should not judge a book by its cover but I did and crikey, am I was not disappointed! What a corker of a series. Vita has created a wonderful underground world and is a modern telling of Orpheus set in the underworld of the NYC subway system. Vita is a powerhouse of writing talent and I eagerly look forward to seeing what she creates in 2019.

Submerged front cover vault comics water illustrated women in subway new york


Writer- Ryan O’Sullivan

Illustrator – Andrea Mutti

Colourist- Vladimir Popov

Fearscape‘s creator Ryan has poured his heart into Fearscape and you can tell. It is beautifully illustrated, in a style that conjures up a really classic imagery for me. It reminds me of tales of knights and round tables. It’s a brilliant story with a wonderful complicated protagonist, another firm Valks favourite and shoe in for our top Vault titles of 2018.

Friendo front cover illustrated comic book, man in stone arch

These Savage Shores

Writer- by Ram V

Colourist- Vitorio Astone

Designers- Tim Daniel

Inkers- Sumit Kumar

Letterers- Aditya Bidikar

These Savage Shores is a masterpiece, visually it is absolutely incredible and sumptuous. An old evil sails aboard an East Indiand Trading company shit, hoping to make a home in these new lands. However he discovers this land is a truly ancient on with legends and demons older and most dangerous than himself.

“These Savage Shores reads like a literary classic from the days of Stoker’s Dracula. No other horror book has added something entirely unique to the vampire genre but Ram V takes us to mysterious and unknown shores.– Neil from geeksnbooze

Savage shores vampires front cover illustration women and man embracing

Heathen (2015)

Created by Natasha Alterici

Heathen was the first Vault title that I picked up earlier this year! It was responsible in part for getting me hooked on the publisher! Natasha has created something utterly incredible, the art style is so distinctive and full of heart, I was utterly captivated from the first page. Heathen is a nordic tale following the viking warrior Aydis as she voyages with her horse Saga to rescue Brunhild, The Valkyrie.

(You can see why we love it right?)

Heathen front cover by jen bartal viking illustration

Vault comics are a publisher destined for incredible things, if they are not already on your radar then you are missing out!

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