Wendigo Woods #1; A gloriously dark tale that leaves you hungry for more!

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Wendigo Woods #1; A review

Written by Joseph Oliveira

Art by Vukasin Ivkovic 

Cover by Chris Shehan

Publisher Afterlight Comics

Afterlight Comics

Wendigo Woods is the latest title from Afterlight comics and one of our most anticipated releases of the year! Afterlight and Joseph’s earlier release, ‘Folktales of the Cryptids” (Afterlight, 2018) featured the Chupacabra, a creature I love the idea of but hadn’t consider to be particularly that well known. So when the title for this series was announced I could not believe it! A Wendigo! Another favourite of mine! I’ve been fascinated by the concept of the Wendigo for many many years since my introduction to it through an early episode of the TV show Supernatural. The Valkyries picked Wendigo Woods to be our project to be backed in July without any hesitation! 

Wendigo Woods #1 is an explosive start to what I hope will be a lengthy series. Joseph has created a fantastic spooky world, he is no stranger to writing a chilling tale. If there is anything that Joseph knows it is horror, his previous works, Ghost Island and the above mentioned Folktales of the Cryptids are both brilliant and chilling works. His brand of sophisticated and deeply unsettling horror is a welcome change from the everyday horror tropes we are normally presented with within the comic medium. His narrative and characters will have you glancing over your shoulder and checking there is nothing hiding under your bed!

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The character designs are really something wonderful I especially love the look of Hank he is a man who has been through hell in his life and is just about stubborn enough to keep on fighting. I warmed to Hank immediately, he is flawed but aren’t the best heroes also flawed? (I hope he is the hero, he needs a win).

Now we can’t talk about Wendigo Woods without talking about the stars of the show, the Wendigos! I am trying to keep this review as spoiler free as possible so I will give you a little snap shot o them and just say this…Holy Crap! Here come the nightmares!!

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The cover for Wendigo Woods is just gorgeous, a copy of that is going straight onto the Valks HQ wall of fame! It sets the tone of the piece perfectly and is completely in keeping with themes and the overall look of the issue. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but in he case of Wendigo Woods you really can! The cover is divine and the issue is dynamite!

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Final Thoughts

Wendigo Woods is suspenseful, gritty, gorey and feels reminiscent of horror film titles such as ‘The Ritual’ (Bruckner, 2017), ‘The Descent’ (Marshall, 2006) and ‘The Wickerman’ (Hardy 1973)

As I want to keep this review spoiler free I am going to wrap it up here, Joseph has been kind enough to join us for a future edition of ‘Let’s Talk Comics’ where we will explore the creation of Wendigo Woods in more detail and find out what makes Joseph tick! Wendigo Woods #1 does not disappoint! The team have brought a tale full of twists, turns and a bucket load of creepy as HELL Wendigos! 

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