Dr Who, Jodie and Being Seen

Doctor Who

Initial release date: 23rd November 1963

Developer: BBC

Genres: Sci-fi, action, adventure

Times, they are a changin’

In recent years, there’s been a shift in pop culture. The male dominated sci-fi and fantasy genre has taken a turn towards female leads; Captain Marvel, Wasp and Wonder Woman are just a few to grace the big screen and now it’s Dr Who’s turn.

But what about the biggest change in a 50 year old show? The one that caused the internet to practically implode last year?

What about the 13th, female Doctor?

In short, she’s fantastic. I absolutely adore her. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s energetic. She’s everything I wanted in a Doctor.

Dr Who and Me

To give you some background, I’ve been a Whovian ever since David Tennant said the words ‘it’s a fighting hand!’ way back in The Christmas Invasion (I did go back and watch 9, don’t worry, I didn’t skip him) and Dr Who has become a big part of my life since. I look forward to the show each year, own several of the tie-in books and play guess work in the run up to every new Doctor announcement. I even went to The Doctor Who Experience years ago, and had the time of my life. Hell, one of my earliest memories of sitting in the car with my mum, while she explained the concept of the TARDIS to me, after I had commented on the car looking bigger on the inside.

In short, I’m a serious Whovian. And yet, I’d never considered a female Doctor before. Maybe because for my entire life, I thought of The Doctor as a male character, and every other sci-fi/fantasy character I loved was usually male. Sure, I had a female Doctor fancast (Hayley Atwell, in case you were wondering), but I never thought it would ever be a possibility.

The news breaks

Then Jodie was announced, and I spent the rest of my day trying desperately not to cry in hysterical, happy, overjoyed tears. Finally, after years and years of thinking it was impossible, The Doctor was going to be female. She was going to be like me. I was going to see a woman, just like me, fighting Daleks and Cybermen, travelling in time and space, saving the day wherever she went.

I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it, if I’m entirely honest. I feel like I’m dreaming, like this is some sort of elaborate fantasy my brain cooked up in a desperate need for a female lead in one of my favourite shows of all time.

But, what do I really think of Jodie, and the new Team TARDIS?

Jodie is fantastic in the role. I was taken with her as soon as I heard her say ‘oh brilliant’ in last year’s Christmas special, and the anticipation has built ever since then. Bigger and bigger, until, finally, Dr Who; The Woman Who Fell To Earth. The first episode, the Regeneration Recovery episode. New Doctor. New companions. New show runner. Judgement time.


Being Seen

To say that I loved Jodie’s take on the role would be an understatement, she was incredible. Immediately in charge. Immediately in control. Immediately The Doctor. She didn’t need time to warm up, or time to get used to the new show. She was immediately in there, and totally believable. Nobody in the show questioned her being in charge, no-one was sexist, it was beautiful.

And then, Ryan Sinclair, one of the new companions, revealed that he was Dyspraxic, and I had a bit of a meltdown of joy. I’m Dyspraxic myself, and have never heard any pop culture character say that they were. Ever. I know that Daniel Radcliffe has Dyspraxia, as well as a few other actors/musicians, but no actual characters. I’ve seen a few on the Autism Spectrum, a few Dyslexics, but never Dyspraxics.

I felt seen, in just one episode, I felt entirely seen. A person like me on screen? A woman helming the TARDIS? I never, not in a million years, thought I’d see the day. And I could not be happier with this turn of events. I thought I’d be happy with just a female Doctor, but a Dyspraxic companion like me? I’m over the moon!

It remains to be seen if the Dyspraxia is accurate to life, or if it’s just going to come out whenever Ryan climbs ladders, but, it’s a step in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the new Doctor Who is a revelation beyond my wildest dreams. I love it, I love her, I love her companions, I just generally love it.

Thank you, Chris Chibnall, for making my dreams come true and so much more. Thank you for making me feel seen on my favourite sci-fi show. I cannot wait to see where, and when, you take us.

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