Where No One Grows Vols 1-3 Review

Where No One Grows Vols 1-3

Created by Zorika Gaeta

 Vol 3 is on Kickstarter now 

Volume 1

Would you let someone peer inside your mind? Look into your memories?

“Can I see inside your head?”, he asks and off they go on an insightful thrip through Marlo’s memories. Memories of encounters that changer her life, encrypted in metaphors for not everything can be simply expressed in words.”

Marlo is far braver than I. I am not sure I could let someone wander through the doors of my mind. They wander together through her memories, her lightly steering him away from some darker doors, but no matter what the doors contain, he is understanding and supportive. 

We don’t know much about this couple, like how they met or how long they’ve been together. But it’s easy to put yourself in the position of either of them. Easy to imagine and remember the early points in a relationship where the discussions of past loves, past experiences and situations are brought to light. Zorika captures exactly what feels like to start a new relationship with someone, that fear of letting them know you. The feelings of unease as you recount painful memories.  Opening yourself up and letting people in that way can be scary. But in Where No One Grows Vol 1 we see how rewarding it also can be. 

Where No One Grows  Vol 1 is a very tender, sometimes sad but heartwarming start. We see these memories and past experiences, but also the support and acceptance from the new partner. Visually, all of Where No One Grows is wonderful. But Vol 1 has this dreamlike quality showing us these memories and metaphors in a way that is so engaging and enchanting. It made me wonder what the doors of my mind would look like.

Volume 2

If you stay, are you just staying with a ghost because you are afraid to move on?

“People come and go all the time. But while they stat, they stay alone and when they leave they leave part of themselves behind. Lost to the world are those who never find a home”

Where Volume 1 was about letting someone new into your life and starting something new, Volume 2 is about letting go.  Volume 2 of Where No One Grows read to me like a memory. Like someone stuck living with their head and their heart in the past. Whatever has grown between these characters is over. They’re moving through each day physically with one another but really removed from one another, there is clearly something amiss. 

But, letting go and moving on is hard and definitely painful. Volume 2, still has this great feeling of hope to it, but it is very different from the feelings in Volume 1. It is hopeful but hope that they can move on with their life and start again. Even if that new start is a little ways off yet. Following a friendly dog, our main character leaves through one of the mind doors. THey’re moving on and moving forward. LEaving these memories in the past, where they belong. 

Zorika’s art style continues to delight, whilst this volume is less abstract than volume 1 it is no less engaging. Volume 2 feels like we’re seeing a poignant snapshot of someone’s memories. I really liked how Zorkia captured the essence of the person departed in the reaper character.  

Volume 3

Where No One Grows Volume 3 is a journey. We’re taken to a moment we saw briefly in Volume 1, the little fire monkey who loves bananas. Though he is covered in flames, they do not hurt Marlo. 

For me, Volume 3 is about nurturing and expectations. Marlo and her little fire monkey start growing their own banana trees, the fire monkey loves bananas and says the other animals won’t share with her. They collect seeds, manure and water the seeds They cherish the little stork that grows and they do everything they can to keep it safe and thriving. However, Marlo is accepted by the other animals and becomes friendly with them too.

When Marlo returns, the fire monkey is hurt by feelings of abandonment and this little bubble has burst. Tensions continue to rise and erupt in a huge argument. Their friendship is altered forever. 

Snapshots and memories

Where No One Grows Volumes 1-3 feel like we’re watching these moments of someones life/ memories on a screen. Hard to face confrontations are wrapped in beautiful metaphors and symbolism. All really shine through the art style. 

I had no idea what to expect going into Where No One Grows,  but I thoroughly enjoyed reading all three volumes. What I’ve taken from these volumes is only my interpretation, what will these stories mean to you? It is a beautifully constructed series, with visuals that are a treat to look at. Whilst these emotional stories may tug on the heartstrings it is easy to see ourselves in the place of the characters. Zorika weaves a beautifully atmospheric story and I look forward to whatever she makes next. 

 Vol 3 is on Kickstarter now 

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