White Ash Issue 1

White Ash issue 1

Writer: Charlie Stickney

Illustrator and Letterer: Conor Hughes

Colours: Fin Cramb

Publisher: Scout Comics


Tensions are running high in White Ash, Pennsylvania

White Ash is a tale of mystery, horror and forbidden love set against the backdrop of rural Pennsylvania.  The setting and the tone of the issue align beautifully, this is a “backwater” town where the work is hard and the folk in charge reap the benefits. 

The narrator takes us on a short guide through the streets of White Ash and we learn about the towns history. White Ash is a mining town that has stained both the town and the lungs of the people who work the mines. 

But, something is not quite right in White Ash, however, something even worse is approaching. 

Aleck, comic book male character

Stubborn but sweet

Aleck, who was our narrator through White Ash, is a very sweet 19 year old who is ready to get the hell outta White Ash and head off to college. He has a lovely relationship with his dad, they are both stubborn and perfect examples of 2 generations clashing, but there is a lot of love there. 

Aleck is a hardworking and really likeable lead character who you just root for. He’s got that small town boy charm that’ll go over super well at college, or with say the daughter of the town’s richest business man…. 

dog eating steak

Injustice and unease

White Ash, is a rural mining Town and so has a class divide and hierarchy we’ve seen before. Thane Alden, lives in the only house not tarred by the soot from the mine. Alden, owns the mines but like his house, doesn’t get his hands dirty. He is more than happy to let the towns people do his dirty work (literally). He lives, looming over the town, perfectly reminiscent of old villains with twirly moustaches, but brought up to date, with a slick appearance and a slimy attitude. 

Visually engaging 

White Ash, is visually very strong. The design of the characters are so meaty, they reflect the fleshed out way that Charlie has written then perfectly. White Ash, is a great example of when the script, the art and the letters all work together harmoniously. Conor’s art style with Fin’s colour gave me some deep Archie vibes, which for a story set in small town USA with an unsettled undercurrent? Is spot on. 

White Ash, the city darkened by greed and something more sinister?

White Ash issue 1 is a really strong first issue. Charlie was kind enough to send us over issue 1 and volume 1, I read issue 1 for this review. But immediately started the volume to see where the story was leading. A brilliant first edition for which the creators should be very proud. 

Ideal for fans of Twin Peaks, Supernatural and Archie comics.

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