Witchblood: Comic Book Review

Witchblood: Comic Book Review

Created by: Matthew Erman & Lisa SterleColours: Gab Contreras
Letters: Jim Campbell 
Publishers: Vault Comics

Season of the Witchblood

When I heard that one of my long-time favourite artists was part of the team behind a comic book about witches and vampires and motorbikes (oh my!), I made sure my schedule was clear for the moment it arrived. No surprise, then, that I adored it. Witchblood is the neon-dream, spaghetti western tale of Yonna, a witch on the run from a band of obviously irresistible vampires after her and her magic blood.

Wildly heart-pounding and incredibly eye-pleasing, Witchblood does everything right, up to and including the frame-worthy variant covers. If Buffy the Vampire Slayer, My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days and Sergio Leone made a comic, then you might something close to Witchblood. Let’s be honest though – this team is so much better.

Salt and Texas Lavender

Lisa Sterle and Matthew Erman are a match made in heaven. Quippy, smart, and completely charming, Yonna rides her bike Rambling Rose straight into our hearts. The characters are full, vibrant, and somehow all have the best hair in the world. Even minor characters draw us in, and paint the picture of a small Southern town that we all know in our collective imagination, but aren’t really sure it exists in real life. We know that mechanic, we know that diner waitress.

Witchblood absolutely nails its tone and pacing and doesn’t let up for a second. Tensions stay as high as the stakes (and there are plenty of those). Panel design throughout is gorgeous. Aspects and placement create a dynamism and movement that keeps us running alongside Yonna. Nods to music and nods to art keep us engrossed, and you never want to leave…even though it’s probably safer to skip town while you still can.

Witchblood-y Valentine

Unsurprisingly, Jim Campbell’s lettering of Matthew Erman’s (beautiful) words takes Witchblood to the next level. You can feel the Southern drawl drop from the page like molasses. Oh yes, I absolutely read much of it aloud, I do declare. Characters each have a distinct voice and personality; we know who they are within the first couple of speech bubbles.

One of my favourite things about Witchblood is just how beautiful the narration is. Set alongside the modern action, the mystical narration takes us on this fabled tale among the balmy deserts and small-town dives. These words, among bright, vibrant colours that go from bubblegum fantasy to 80s neon – every element of Witchblood comes together like a perfect witch’s brew.

Little Bundle of Darkness

Witchblood is truly a triumph of a comic. It has everything you could want laced with fun, magic, and wonder (and super cute space-buns). It’s exciting, bright, and so compelling that you root for the good guys and the bad guys in equal measure. More vampires to fall in love with, adorable witches, and majestic hunters, there really is nothing that Witchblood doesn’t give us. It’s a veritable feast. I promise, you won’t want to miss this one – I do declare.

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