Yule: Dreadful Tales for the Holiday Season Preview

Yule: Dreadful Tales for the Holiday Season

Yule is a comic anthology filled to the brim with stories set at the most wonderful time of the year. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is a collection filled with sugar plum fairies and childlike wonder. Oh no, Yule takes us on a journey through the horror and darker side of the festive season with tales from all over the globe.

Yule is still funding over on Kickstarter now! 

We received an advanced copy for a preview, and if what we saw was enough to whet the appetite? Consider me ravenous for the rest. If there is one thing I absolutely adore it is horror, especially folk horror. Yule is perfect for fans of comics like Wytches, Wendigo Woods and films like Krampus. There is such variety in the creative teams there is sure to be one or more, stories for everyone. 

Art by Elena Gogou

Yule boats not only a chilling set of stories but a wealth of creative talent

The full anthology credits are: 

MARI LWYD from Justin Jordan and Val Halhovorson

KRAMPUS from Umar Ditta, Elliot Balson, Mike Maynard, and Rob Jones

KARANKONCOLOS from Frankee White, Fell Hound, and DC Hopkins

BELSNICKEL from Dillon Gilbertson and Matt Battaglia

CAGA TIOS from Heather Vaughan and Jason Piperberg

SMEE from Malissa White and Anastasia Longoria

ELF ON THE SHELF from Kacey Flynn and J Schiek

HANS TRAPP from Alex Schlitz and Grant Stoye

MIDNIGHT SPEECH from Meredith McClaren

TOES from Jack Foster

GRYLA from Ian Mondrick and Kam White

HUITZILOPOCHTILI from Jarred Lujan and Gregery Miller

SATURNALIA from Joe Corallo and Elena Gogou

PERCHTEN from Jenn St Onge

Logo Design by LetterSquids

Cover Art by Donna Black

Lettering and Book Design by Toben Racicot

With pin-up pieces from Minerva Fox, Marie Wolf, and Marie Enger.

Art by Fell Hound

An impressive undertaking

Yule is a hunger protect ad understanding, from what I’ve seen so far, the creators have pulled it together spectacularly. There is no one story that feels out of place. Yule is like a brilliant, terrifying box of chocolates, each is rich and brings different elements, cultures and tales to the anthology. Each story is different from the one before but they’re perfectly in keeping with the anthologies theme and tone. Yule is an excellent snapshot of the stories from all over the world, ones that maybe don’t get enough air time and so your learning something new, and some old favourites that you will recognise. 

Horror fans this one’s for you!

Unsurprisingly, my favourite is the story of the Krampus by Umar Ditta, Elliot Balson, Mike Maynard and Rob Jones. The tales of Krampus have long been some of my favourite Christmas time horrors and this creative team took it in a brilliant direction. But I’m not going to give anyway anymore than that, you’ll just have to pick up a copy for yourselves to see what I mean! Yule is a collection that hits its target dead one. There is certain to be something for everyone, this anthology is so well stocked with diverse and fascinating stories, it’ll be the one you reach for year after year. It’s the perfect read for a cold, dark winters night.

Horror fans, it’s time to reclaim Christmas from a time of cheer to a time of fear!

Make sure you back Yule on Kickstarter and get in on the action.

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