Zombie Army 4: Killer shots and B-Movie Charm

Zombie Army 4

Developer and Publisher: Rebellion

Genre: Shooter, Co-op

Platforms: PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One and PC 

Our rating: ★★★★

Zombie Army 4 was released 4th February 2020 for PS4, Xbox and PC, our friends over at Rebellion and Lick PR were kind enough to send us a key for our review.

What is better than shooting zombies? Well, shooting Nazi Zombies of course!

Zombie Army 4 is set in 1946, one year from the defeat of Zombie Hitler, his reanimated Nazi hordes still roam the Earth! Zombie Army 4 takes us across beautiful Italy and beyond! These zombie hordes are not just the shuffling Romero zombies we know and love, these are coming for you. You need to strap in and strap on if you want to survive! We meet some new zombie designs in Zombie Army 4 including the exploding bomber zombies, mega zombie brutes with miniguns, zombie tanks and naturally, the zombie sharks. You heard me, sharks. what are zombies! I mean if that doesn’t hook you in, I’m fairly sure you don’t like fun. 

Buddy up, but only if you go online

One disappointment for me was the lack of any local multiplayer. One of my favourite past times is some couch co-op zombie killing and it felt surely missing from Zombie Army 4. Especially considering how much of the campaign is built for co-op! Instead, we’re encouraged to round up our Daryl and Michone’s ready for some ass-kicking. Playing through the campaign in single-player is certainly a challenge, the threat levels are very high, but that only serves to ramp up the tension for me! 

Guess who’s back in the Zombie Army

Each character brings different skills and personalities to the war on the undead. Fans of Sniper Elite will recognise sharpshooter Karl Fairbrune, Boris Medvedev also makes a reappearance alongside new characters Jun and Shola. As you progress through the levels unlocking weapon upgrades, special abilities and some cosmetic additions your hero builds into the ultimate killing machine! 

Zombie Army 4 characters
When the squad steps out looking on point

Lovely visuals even with all the bloody bits

Something I did not expect and I will hold my hands up to it, is how GOOD Zombie Army 4 looks. The scenery is wonderful, these once-sleepy Mediterranean cities still retain their charm and iconic features. Even with hordes of the undead writhing around the place. The 80’s B-Movie horror filter that hands over the titles and loading screens is a great touch. I really like the imagery on the loading screens! 

One of the great things about the game, like Sniper Elite is the kill cams! Watch in slow motion X-Ray vision as your bullet shreds through them zombie bastards, the testicle shots are quite something… It never gets boring watching the bullets dismembering the zombies and puncturing already rotten organs. Keep your combo meter going up and you can enjoy character-specific melee attacks that are just as gory and visceral as the long-range kill cams!

zombie army 4 kill cam
When bae doesn’t laugh at your joke

Not groundbreaking, but still great fun

Zombie Army 4 is the newest title in the Zombie Army series and whilst it does bring some new features we have seen zombie shooters before. However, this is your first time with a zombie shooter or first time with the Zombie Army series you are going to have an absolute blast!

This is certainly not a game for the fainthearted, who want to sit at a safe distance picking zombies off, you have to get stuck in and messy! Zombie Army 4 is a brash, loud, unapologetic zombie shooter that hits most of its targets dead-on. It is perfect for grabbing your best online squad and kicking back on a Friday night!

Perfect if you enjoyed:

Sniper Elite

Left 4 Dead


You can pick up Zombie Army 4 on HumbleBundle|Amazon|

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